Hello web traveler! If you're returning to visit the site once more, you'll notice that this site is now not what it used to look like. Why?
It's because there are a lot of changes coming not just in my life, but with the site as well.

As a result, I've decided to reconstruct my Neocities website. This website may or may not be a companion site to another site I'm working on.
I have yet to decide on what to use my Neocities site for. As for the other site, well, that site will be my new artist's porfolio-type site.

As for in my life, I've decided to take a stand for myself and get away from the internet pop culture and trends. I'm going the route of digital minimalism.
So this will mean not using much social media as I used to in the past, and going old school for contacting in the digital age. But why go digital minimalistic?
I want to focus more on my hobbies, and with a decrease of free time because of work and school, as well as having brainrot for the past four years, I've decided that enough was enough.

As for the expected launch site? Well, I'm working on two sites, and I do want to focus on my hobbies, so an approximate date will not be provided.
At most, launch will be September 2024 at the earliest and January 2025 at the latest. After that, there might not be a lot of updates for either sites because of said lack of time.

If you want to view past site designs and pages, email me and I'll send you a folder of website designs over the past three years for my Neocities site.